Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a miracle...

Tate has made it to age 5 without major injury or death. We've been saying since he could walk that we'd be surprised if he made to his next birthday alive. He's alive and kicking! He's my bundle of energy that just doesn't stop and is sooo fearless. He plays hard, fights dirty, loves easy, teases relentlessly and every night after all that he sleeps like a rock.
We celebrated his birthday all weekend but he insisted that he would not be 5 until he blew the candles out. Funny thing was, we couldn't find anything to light the candles with! The one lighter we had decided to give out on us and the rest are still packed. Between Alan, Uncle Scott and Uncle Nick they tried everything, finally after 20 minutes Nick's boy scout days paid off. He was able to light toilet paper on fire with nearly burnt out ashes from the grill. We had already dished the cake out to angry, hungry children but Tate was able to blow a candle out and turn 5! He was so relieved.
Today we picked up the registration papers at the kids new school and I'm starting to really freak out about sending Tate to Kindergarten. I don't think I've blogged about this yet. Tate has been in pre-school since he was 3 through the school district. He gets special services for his speech delay and sensory disorder. He looses services at age 5 unless we put him in school. So we had to decided whether to take a year off or to send him to school earlier than we feel he's ready. After counseling with his teacher we decided to send him. He will probably need to repeat Kindergarten but he just function better when he is in school. We don't want him to regress so off to Kindergarten he goes. I'm soooo nervous!

I apologize to all of you out there who think his insanely long hair is an outrage. I've heard it all before. I know he can't see. I've just been a bit pre occupied lately and he's SLIGHTLY overdue for a haircut! You will be happy to know that I cut it this afternoon and his eye's are once again visible.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm back and I'm no longer homeless/trespassing/squatting...whatever you want to call it. We are full fledged home owners once again. It was a looooong 7 month process of buying a short sale home (pre-foreclosure) and I will NEVER do it again. After moving 12 times in 12 years we have landed. Our grandkids will be visiting us here!
I will have to write out the full story of the MANY miracles that came about to get us here but for now, I'm just checking in to let you all know I'm back. My Internet got hooked up today and I can now rejoin the syberworld I so love.
Here are some pictures from my iPhone that show the first few days of demo. The main floor has been gutted and we are in the process of putting it back together. We've got the kitchen moved over, walls torn down, plumbing redone, electrical almost finished. All in one week. That's with Alan going to work then coming home and working. Ya, he's a stud muffin! Wait till you see what we can do, I know your excited!