Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Chalkboard Love...

I've been wanting to paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint but Alan was not feeling the chalkboard love like I was, so I haven't pushed it. But after buying my super fabulous chalk ink pens I couldn't resist any longer. So...while he was at work I went to work on a little wall in my kitchen. When he got home I showed him the wall and he was not so happy (he gave me the scowly face). I told him to read the quote so he looked up and then bursed out laughing. He said as long as I keep the Nacho Libre quotes up then he loved it. He wants me to take down the chores and just cover the wall in Nacho quotes...um no.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Pictures

Since my entire family was together in Idaho last weekend we decided to take a family picture. It was a little chaotic and we were in a big hurry but we got a few good keepers.

The Dille Reunion

We were finally able to make it back to the Dille reunion this year. I grew up going to Shoshone, ID every single summer. Alan hasn't been since Taylor was a baby and the last time the kids and I went was 4 years ago. It felt good to be back. We had a great time swimming in the irrigation canals that we call "the drops", swimming in the local outdoor pool, playing at the park, visiting with family and eating ice cream every day! It was blazing hot but we loved it. My entire family was able to go this year. My brother lives in Idaho and my sister and her hubby live in Utah. So the best part for me was getting to see my whole family. I miss them and wish I could just make them all move into little houses on my property so I could be with them every day!

This is the house my Dad grew up in and the one that we visited every year until it got to be to much for my Grandma to care for about 13 years ago. It was made from lava rock, how cool is that!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I did what I said I'd never do...

I got the kids a cat...no make that 2 cats! My friends cat had a litter and she hounded me until I gave in and took one of the kittens home as a surprise for the kids. We live in the country now and the threat of mice outweighed my dislike for cats. We took home this sweet adorable little thing and my kids were fighting over it like they were starving and it was the last slice of bread at the table!!! So we "borrowed" the cat's brother the next day and "borrowing" turned into keeping. I have to admit, they are ridiculously cute and sweet and patient. Maybe I'm more of a cat person than I thought. We've had them for several weeks now and I haven't regretted it one bit..surprise, surprise!

WARNING - PLEASE READ!!! This post reveals that my children run around in diaper/underwear with messy faces and mangy hair...I apologize, but that's how we roll around here!

P.S. They're names are Tigger and Pooh. We already had the name Tigger picked out so of course his best friend would HAVE to be named Pooh. I kinda feel sorry for the poor thing though, how would you like to be called Pooh? It's pretty funny to listen to Lula calling out Pooh over and over again.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today's Project

I've been dying to finish my pantry re-do. I've had an idea for labeling all my fabulous containers and I finally figured out how to execute the idea I had in my head. So today's project was labeling. I would still like to paint all the shelves but that will have to wait for a day when the temperature in my house is below 90 degrees!

I was thinking about painting some chalkboard paint right on the containers but it just seemed messy and way to much work for this lazy girl. I have been trying to find stick on chalkboard but couldn't. Then today I saw online that someone had used vinyl. I got all excited and rushed out to the craft store. So all you need for these fantastic labels is a roll of vinyl, I chose the Cricut brand. Then I really had to hunt for the Chalk Ink that I've been hearing all about. After 3 stores I finally found it at Micheals...and DUDE, I freaking love this stuff!

Chuck e Cheese

On the last day of school we took the kids to celebrate at Chuck e Cheese. I used to hate this place, It gave me serious anxiety! But now that the kids are older I really enjoy it. It's especially fun to go with a friend so you can sit and enjoy the never ending salad bar while chatting. So I made my friend Jen come along with her kiddos.

6th Grade Graduation

I'm a little behind on my blogging...

These are pics from the last day of school.

Taylor recieved the citizenship award (teachers pet award)

Taylor's baby picture!

Tate saying goodbye to his classroom.

Tanner and his awesome teacher.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July + Family Reunion = FUN!

What a great weekend it was with the big ole crazy Rigtrup family. Although, I have to say they were way less wild and crazy this year. It was really a very nice relaxing weekend that ended far to early.

Daroga State Park on Lake Entiat

We had our own private inlet connected to our group campground

This little man was so happy all weekend. He was in his element, free to run and play all day!
My handsome hubby with his "vacation whiskers".
My two beautiful baby girls.
My s.i.l. Georgia showing me a hilarious picture.

(why didn't that one make it on your blog Georgia?)

Homemade root beer stewing in dry ice.
Taylor and her cousins all ready to serve dinner to the masses.
Lula was stealing watermelon before dinner was ready.
Of course she's to cute to say no to, I think she got away with 3 slices.