Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July + Family Reunion = FUN!

What a great weekend it was with the big ole crazy Rigtrup family. Although, I have to say they were way less wild and crazy this year. It was really a very nice relaxing weekend that ended far to early.

Daroga State Park on Lake Entiat

We had our own private inlet connected to our group campground

This little man was so happy all weekend. He was in his element, free to run and play all day!
My handsome hubby with his "vacation whiskers".
My two beautiful baby girls.
My s.i.l. Georgia showing me a hilarious picture.

(why didn't that one make it on your blog Georgia?)

Homemade root beer stewing in dry ice.
Taylor and her cousins all ready to serve dinner to the masses.
Lula was stealing watermelon before dinner was ready.
Of course she's to cute to say no to, I think she got away with 3 slices.


Georgia, Jason, and Abbi said...

I think I got home and was searching to see what people were posting right away. I loved our weekend and wish we could of spent more time with all of your family. And I wasn't sure of my pic of jordan so I might post it later.

Georgia, Jason, and Abbi said...
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Brenda said...

Love Taylor's straw hat! She's always so stylin'. :)