Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Natalie had her annual Halloween party on Saturday. It was lot of fun to see all of our friends. We went with her to her trunk or treat at church after the pary. My kids hauled in more candy in 2o minutes at the trunk or treat than in the hour and a half that it took them to go around our neighborhood.

Taylor was a devil at age 2, so of course we had to make Lula be a devil at age 2!

This is Tanner's idea of a scary costume! He hates hunting and killing animals.

Taylor's subconscious attempt at being the baby of the family.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kitty Update

I'm trying not to post about the kitties but sometimes I just can't help myself. Recent kitty news has been that one of the kitties "Pooh" went missing for 3 days. We were all so sad, especially his brother "Tiger". But thankfully he was found just 3 houses down. I'm actually a bit annoyed because they just took him inside their house and were planning to keep him until they started to feel guilty and decided to see if he had any owners. Anyway, we're happy to have him back. In three days he had fattened up so much he was no longer a twin, he was huge! I have no idea what on earth they fed him to make him so fat but he's nice and trim now. Back to being twins.
The other news is that they are 6 months old now so we got them "snipped". I really didn't want them starting to wander to far from home looking for hot ladies and spraying everywhere. So off to surgery they went. I really didn't anticipate the post recovery process. It was pretty annoying really. They are NOT indoor cats and we had to keep them inside for 7-10 days. OH MY GOSH, I don't know how you indoor kitty owners do it!!!! I HATE KITTY LITTER. They pretty much drove me crazy being underfoot and on furniture all day and rough housing and crashing into things, making a racket at night. I made it 6 day's then kicked em out. Sorry, I've warned you all that I'm not a "cat" person. I love them and I love that my kids love them but I love them a lot more when their inside just a few hours a day instead of ALL day and ALL night.

Here's some cuteness for you!

Friday, October 22, 2010

October so far...

Spooner Farms pumpkin patch
It's been a yearly tradition to go to the pumpkin patch. Ever since Tanner and Taylor were little we've made the trip. Even though I love traditions I get really bored with "sameness" and this year, I just wasn't motivated to go. I'm insanely busy with work right now and haven't been able to find a day to fit it in. The kids were NOT going to let me get away with breaking this tradition though. They've asked pretty much every single day for 2 weeks when we're going. They even changed their clothes without any prompting from me. Taylor was directing the boys to put on something brown or orange. I can't disappoint my kiddos so we squeezed it in on Wednesday. We had to miss scouts and mutual to do it. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do! Maybe I can come up with something a little more fun and exciting next year.

This made it all worth it!!! Coconut Creme Pie Fudge...HEAVEN!

Sunday dinner with Dan and Easton. Carmel apple and sugar free chocolate pie for dessert, YUM!!!

Adults only costume party last weekend. Lots of fun!

Nacho Libre and Encarnacion

Superwoman and Clark Kent


Pizza Guy and his yummy slice


Monday, September 20, 2010

Sad Day.

Our favorite chicken died a last week. We got our first two eggs and the next day Henrietta was dead. I don't know if they were her eggs, but we haven't had an egg since. Henrietta was the only chicken that liked us! When we let the chickens out she would just waddle on up to the back porch wanting to come in and hang out. She would let Tate just pick her up and tote her around under his arm. He'd have a chicken under one arm and a kitty under the other. It was so cute. I'm sad to see her go, now we're down to 4 chickens and still no eggs. They are just over 6 months old now so we should be seeing some production anytime now.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I grew up just two states away and yet I had never been to California until this weekend. I had the awesome opportunity to fly out to California to photograph the wedding of my friend Melissa Melissa Borland. It was a beautiful sealing at the San Diego temple. After the temple we went to the beach to take some bridal shots. Then we traveled an hour and a half north to the L.A. area for the reception. It was an exhausting but wonderful day. I'm so happy for Melissa and Brandon!

Of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to do something "California". First stop...In n Out burger. I've always wanted to try it and I was afraid all the hype would let me down. No let down here, it was soooo good. I did it double, double, animal style. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Oh did I mention the fries?! Oh, the fries!!!!

The next must do in California of course is Disneyland. Of course since I've never been to California that means I've never been to Disneyland either. I probably went on the worst possible day, Labor Day. It was crazy busy but that didn't stop me from having a GREAT time. I was there for 11 hours all by myself. I didn't have to negotiate with anyone or chase little ones around. I just did whatever I wanted. Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Captain Eo, Jungle Cruise, I may have ventured up Tarzan's tree house and of course tons more. My absolute favorite ride was Space Mountain. I would have ridden it over and over had the line been shorter than an hour wait. That ride just blew my mind and made my day!

Last thing I HAD to do was eat some Carne Asada. Oh man, It was heavenly! Thanks for taking me to lunch Sue!!!

I had to share my California black eye with you too. The night that I flew in I was getting into the rental car and totally cracked myself in the face with the top corner of the door. It hurt, but not that bad and I just got a little red cut under my eye. No big deal until I woke up the next morning ready to shoot a wedding with a nasty black eye. So I still have it and I can't go anywhere without being stared at. I'm pretty sure everyone looking at me thinks I'm either a battered women or I got in a bar fight!