Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kitty Update

I'm trying not to post about the kitties but sometimes I just can't help myself. Recent kitty news has been that one of the kitties "Pooh" went missing for 3 days. We were all so sad, especially his brother "Tiger". But thankfully he was found just 3 houses down. I'm actually a bit annoyed because they just took him inside their house and were planning to keep him until they started to feel guilty and decided to see if he had any owners. Anyway, we're happy to have him back. In three days he had fattened up so much he was no longer a twin, he was huge! I have no idea what on earth they fed him to make him so fat but he's nice and trim now. Back to being twins.
The other news is that they are 6 months old now so we got them "snipped". I really didn't want them starting to wander to far from home looking for hot ladies and spraying everywhere. So off to surgery they went. I really didn't anticipate the post recovery process. It was pretty annoying really. They are NOT indoor cats and we had to keep them inside for 7-10 days. OH MY GOSH, I don't know how you indoor kitty owners do it!!!! I HATE KITTY LITTER. They pretty much drove me crazy being underfoot and on furniture all day and rough housing and crashing into things, making a racket at night. I made it 6 day's then kicked em out. Sorry, I've warned you all that I'm not a "cat" person. I love them and I love that my kids love them but I love them a lot more when their inside just a few hours a day instead of ALL day and ALL night.

Here's some cuteness for you!


J & E Hoffmann said...

Oh my goodness! They're so big! They are starting to lose the Kitten look! Great pictures! They're beautiful! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!

Brenda said...

They are so sweet! And I'm so happy you got your kitty back! :)