Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh the snow...the dreadful snow!

So it's been snowing on and off since Saturday night. It's now Thursday...I think! I'm a bit delirious from being cooped up for the week. When it snows people go bonkers around here and desperately need snow tires. So Alan has to has to work like a dog. We're talking, he leaves around 6:30am and he gets home between 9:00 and 10:00pm. This has been going on for 5 days now. Tonight were not sure if he'll make it home at all.
I got so sick of being cooped up with the kids that this morning I said, "screw the snow and ice, were going to the mall!". So we left the house at 11:00 this morning and we spent the day shopping and going to lunch and a movie. We finally decided it was time to head home at about 5:00. Apparently today was not the day to say "screw it" to the snow (excuse my language, sometimes there's no other way to say it)! It took me over an hour and a half to go 5 miles. Actually it took me over an hour to go about 1 mile. Once I got off the main roads it was smooth sailing. When I say smooth, I mean really smooth and slick! I'm grateful for a gigantic 4X4 SUV today. Last month when it was costing me over $100 a week to fill up I wasn't so grateful, today I am. I'm also grateful for a husband who taught me how to drive in ice and snow without panicking 12 years ago. We had a bit of drama in that hour and a half but we made it home safe and sound. We had the inevitable pit stop to pee behind a dumpster (3 of us)...yes, me included! I blame it on this gigantic movie theatre soda! It's like a 2 liter for crying out loud! I think I'm going stay holed up in the house for the next few days, I learned my lesson.
Here's a little reminder to never get your tires at Les Schwab. Discount Tire is the only way to go. Support my poor, dear husband who works so hard to keep you all safe and sound! He just called and he's on his way home now at 8:15, who know when he'll actually get here!


Georgia, Jason, and Abbi said...

Oh boy, you guys got hit hard didn't you! I hope the movie was good.Remember to keep safe and just think it's close enough to consider it a white Christmas.

Brenda said...

Looks like you guys might end up having a white Christmas! :)Although now that I'm here in ID I look back and laugh at how people in WA totally over react to any amount of snow. Two specks of snow and school is cancelled! And snow tires? Really!? It's going to be gone in a week! But here, the kids have to trudge to school in several feet of snow and no one thinks anything about it. Actually my kids have been disappointed that they still have to go to school. I keep telling them that if they stayed home every snow day here they'd miss about six months. They still aren't happy about it!

Tasha Horsley said...

oh karina! that sounds miserable but at the same time i couldn't help giggling. i am sorry alan has had to be gone so many hours...that does stink and that wasn't what made me giggle. well, i hope your movie was a good one!

Karina Rigtrup said...

It's ok to giggle, I giggle about the whole thing. My freind who was in the car behind me (I won't mention any names) had to let her 4 year old pee in a cup! How's that for giggles!!!

Tori said...

We got hammered with snow today too. I don't mind driving in it either. In fact, one year in NH we had a huge storm. School canceled, the works. Zane and I did all our Christmas shopping on that day with no lines, no people, nothing! We were 2 of about 15 people in Toys R Us that day. So, either we are really smart, or really stupid. You be the judge.
We did pull two people out of snow drifts that day. Love that gas guzzlin' 4wd SUV!