Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Yard

Our yard is in as bad of shape as the house was. It hasn't been high on the priority list of things to get done around here so it's just this huge eye sore for us and for the whole neighborhood. We've been having some amazingly beautiful days and I can feel spring coming. I really want my kids to be able to run and play and explore our property. We also really want to plant a garden this year. Thanks to Alan's wonderful brother Scott it looks like we'll be able to do all of that this year! He dropped of a CAT dozer to our house today and Alan spent 6 straight hours in that thing. I don't have the done pictures yet because he didn't finish until it was dark. I'll post those later. Really it just looks like a giant pit of mud but I can see the vision! I'm so excited!!!

This is Scott giving Alan driving lessons. There in the garden on the side of the house here.

Alan's all ready to rock and roll.

First he pulled up these nasty boards left over from the nasty dog run that held 8 dogs.

As soon as Scott left Alan found the ONLY mud pit in the entire yard and proceeded to get himself stuck for 2 hours. It took the winch on the Jeep, a snatch block and our very helpful neighbor to get him out. There was absolutely no hardpack under the 10,000 pound dozer. This picture doesn't do it justice he had the dozer sunk more than halfway under. This picture was after he got out and the hole filled up.

Me in the Jeep working the winch. These are seriously my favorite pair of shoes. I Lurve them!

Here's a before picture.

Hard at work knocking down the weeds and leveling the yard.


Michelle said...

Love the boots! Confession: I've been daydreaming about your yard and what fun it would be to plant things in it. I'm such a dork, I know... Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Karina Rigtrup said...

Michelle, get your butt over here and plant something already!!!!

Jilly Bean said...

Hi there. You have no idea who I am, but there is a connection! First off, I'm friends with Tony and Laci Warmoth. They just moved into my ward. But, I knew them way before that. I knew them when we were teenagers. Second, I grew up in the house that is now yours! I've looked back through your blog and had so much fun seeing what you've done with the house! Sure, we had oak cabinets, lots of wallpaper trim, and a black toilet in the master...but 20 years ago when the house was built, that was dang cool!

Anyway, I love seeing your vision and how you've made the house yours. I was so sad to hear the owners between my family and yours junked the place. :( I'm so glad a cute family has moved in and is making the house a family home!