Saturday, May 29, 2010

My very own Bob The Builder!

Tanner used to watch Bob the Builder religiously when he was about 4 years old. I have this one episode embedded in my mind forever. It's the one where Wendy goes out of town to visit her sister. Bob gets the idea to build her a garden with a pergola for shade. I was so jealous of Wendy because I've always wanted a pergola!

Well my own personal (and way hotter) Bob The Builder has come through. Yesterday he whipped me out the most beautiful 24X16 foot pergola! AND...he did it in the pouring rain. Eat your heart out Wendy...mine is better than yours!!!

It still needs some finishing touches so I'll have to show you the whole shebang another time!


Anonymous said...

So jealous, it's beautiful. What a talented man. I suggest he keep his day job so he'll always enjoy doing it(house work).

Brenda said...

Was this a kit?

Karina Rigtrup said...

No kit Brenda! He built it from scatch.

Brenda said...

Really? He's got mad skills! (Or is that skillz with a Z?)

J & E Hoffmann said...

Really Truly, he is AMAZING!!! You guys amaze me. Come live with us and teach us all of your talents!!! PLEASE!!!

Tasha Horsley said...

not fair.

:) j/k.

but really...i want one too!