Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Stuff...

I forgot to mention that my crazy awesome husband got me my long awaited point and shoot camera for Mothers Day! Actually he gave it to me on his birthday (May 18) because I was in Georgia for Mothers Day. I'm pretty sure I got a better present on Alan's birthday than he did. This baby is all that I dreamt of and more...Lumix LX3, I LOVE YOU!

Last week Lula, Tate and I went to school to have lunch with Tanner first and then Taylor. It was field day and it rained hard all day...actually it's rained hard for the past two months! We are all feeling pretty soggy and cranky waiting for summer to start.

Speaking of summer and sun. We did have a wonderfully sunny day this last Saturday, it was like manna from heaven. We took full advantage and busted out the kiddy pool. Lula was crazy happy. My Mom, Sister and nephews came out to visit and we had a really great day.

Yesterday however it hailed so hard it looked like rain.


KatSpy said...

OK Camera Gal, tell me more about this point and shoot. I'm a dunce when it comes to cameras. I'm hankering for a simple point and shoot that still has good quality. I'm all too frequently forgetting THE camera and wanted something smaller to keep in my purse. Is this the one for me too?

J & E Hoffmann said...

Sounds fun! Lula is getting so big!I want to hear all about your art expo! Can't wait to see you in July! i'm counting down the days!