Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back To School 2011

The kids started school yesterday. Well, Tanner and Tate started school yesterday. Tanner is in 6th grade now, last year of innocence before Junior High begins! Tate is in 2nd grade this year and we're excited to see him progress. Taylor is homeschooling this year (8th grade). We aren't traditional home schoolers though, she is doing a virtual online academy where she works online and in books with a supervising teacher and virtual class. Tallula is currently on a waiting list to get into pre-school so we'll see if that happens. If not then I'm happy to keep her a baby one more year!

Instead of the traditional picture on the front porch, I decided to get a little creative and style something a little more fun. The kids had fun posing for this and I think it helped that I let them take a swig of the coke!


Cannegieter said...

I love it!!! Great pictures of those cute kids!