Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ok so many of you don't know the babys name. A friend asked and I thought I would write a post about it. Apparently I just tell random people, my poor sisters didn't even know until this week. I hadn't realized I'd never told them. Her name actually started as a joke. Taylor and I would tease Alan that we were going to name the baby Tallula. He hated it! Anyway when we found out we were having a girl my Mom asked if we'd picked a name and I told her it was Tallula (joking), I think she almost passed out! The look of horror on her face was classic! So Alan thought that it was hilarious that my Mom hated the name and he was sold on it after that. The kids had become attached to it to and it just stuck. By the way my Mom is fine with the name now. It's a love it or hate it kind of name and we love it. So her full name will be Tallula Belle Rigtrup. Baby Lula to Tate, Lu to me, Taylor and Tanner haven't come up with a nickname yet, Alan is the odd man out and dosn't like nicknames so Tallula to him, were not sure what my poor mom will call her!


katspy said...

Funny you should mention "spy". I 'started' a blog a while ago but it paused as quick as it began. So seeing everyone's blogs inspired me to restart. It's spytribe. Isn't that a crazy coincidence? I'm still trying to figure it all out so if you can't access it, don't give up. I'll get it figured out someday.

Sarah Young said...

Hey Karina, I saw your blog through Kathleen's. I like Tallula! I think it's fun and different! The most hilarious part is that Alan wasn't sold on it until he thought your mom hated it!

We're expecting a girl too and naming her Lauryn. Maryn however went through a phase where she would only refer to her as 'Lulu'. Now she accepts that Lauryn is her real name but still says she will call her Lulu! So you have a Lula and we have a Lulu! How fun!