Friday, March 28, 2008

It's snowing in Springtime!

This is our 3rd day of on again, off again snow. The first day we got an inch or two, it was enough for the kids to go out and get soaked and cold. Tate is absolutely bewildered at what's going on. He's been taught in pre-school that it's spring. Spring means sun and flowers blooming. So he keeps asking over and over in Tate Spring? The sun has shown itself a few times, when it does he screams with Spring! He may not be able to verbalize everything but It's nice to know he fully understands what he's taught.


The Mendenhall's said...

My kids are confused too. But they enjoyed the snow. It is so weird though. It is like March came in reverse this year. How old are your kids now?

Tori said...

What is with this weather? We woke up to 4" of snow on Sunday. Sadly (for the kids) I had already put away all the snowpants, gloves, hats etc. so no one was playing in it this weekend!

Anonymous said...