Thursday, April 17, 2008


My friend Jodi threw my a ward shower. We were friends way back in the good old days before we moved to Georgia, now were in the same ward again and I'm so glad. I can't even explain how good it feels to live back in Puyallup and to rekindle old friendships. Many of my good friends have stayed in the area and so it feels as though I never left. We love our new ward and feel so at home here.


The Mendenhall's said...

Eeesh!! You look so small everywhere else but you have the cutest, biggest belly I have ever seen. I bet you are so ready. 3 days, yippeee!!!

Tori said...

Girl, I'm sorry, but how the heck do you stand upright?! I have seen some of the other straight on shots on your blog and wondered if your posed picture just looked bigger because of the black background. Then you show this candid side shot, and.... lets just say I am looking forward to Sunday too! You are carrying that baby right out front!

Good luck!