Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So I quit my job and I'm once again a stay at home mom. For those of you who don't know I've been working for the last 15 months. It all started because our house in Georgia wouldn't sell and we had to have the money to pay the mortgage. Sadly the stupid house never sold, I worked to pay that mortgage for 11 months. We finally rented it out and the mortgage is being covered...phew! Still, we have some debt incurred from said house not selling and the massive damages done to it by the previous renter. We really do need me to work to pay this off but for some reason the spirit (for any non Mormons reading this, that's the Holy Ghost in whom we believe is a spiritual guide and protector for us) has been prompting me to stop working. This was a REALLY hard decision for me to make. Not only do we need the money but I LOVE my job. I have been so blessed to have had such an understanding and accommodating boss. I don't really like to call him my boss because I think of him more as a friend or even a brother. When I got sick in my 1st trimester and then had the pulmonary embolisms I stopped working full time and then stopped working all together for a few months. Jake (my boss) needed me back but let me work from home most of the week. This was such a huge blessing for me and my family. When I had the baby, he let me bring her to work with me. I really couldn't ask for a better job. So it was really a sad day for me when I quit (poor Jake, I cried like a baby). I know staying home with my kids is the right decision, but I wish I could have the best of both words. So, I'm once again a stay at home mom. It's a little bitter sweet, but it's still sweet!

Here's a picture of my work, Thomas Auto Rebuild. I was hired to be the secretary (Jake's definition of my job). After starting I soon titled myself the Office Manager, which I was. I did a heck of lot more than answer the phone! I even made Jake break his nasty habit of calling me his secretary and call me the Office Manager. Poor Jake, I'm sure I was a handful! I'm just so full of opinions that I can't keep them to myself. So thanks to Jake and Micheal for putting up with me and even listening to my opinions!


Sarah J. said...

We'll miss you too!!!

Brenda said...

I had no idea you'd been working! Making that decision to quit is tough. As you know, I've been there. Working not only gives you money but a sense of accomplishment and appreciation that you don't always get at home. But you did the right thing. :)

Natalie and Eric said...

I know that staying at home with your kids is a really important thing to do if you are able to. I really appreciate the time that I have been able to be with my family since I got laid off. WhoooHooo, staying home is awesome!!!