Saturday, July 12, 2008


3 Joys: My Family, my religion, my friends.

3 Fears: Alligators (great, now I feel nauseous, I don't even like to talk about them!). Alan or my kids dying. Failing.

3 Goals: To be a professional photographer, to be an interior designer, To go to France, Italy and Spain.

3 Obsessions: Photography, decorating, reading and #4 matching clothes for my kids.

3 Surprise Facts: #1 I'm not a snuggler, not even with my kids (I need my space). #2 I'm not patient, oh wait...that's no surprise. #3 Ooo, I have a good one... I'm actually skinny, it's just hiding under the fat! Since being impatient isn't really a surprise to anyone, you get another. #4 I got a 4.0 my senior year...Ceramics A, Photography A+, Photography Teachers Assistant A+, Journalism (Photographer) A, Drama A, Physical Education A. As you can see I worked hard to earn that 4.0!

Me and the kids at my highschool where I got that hard earned 4.0! Notice they match!

*I tag Natalie and Michelle (now Michelle will actually have to put something on her blog, it's blank!)


Brenda said...

Now was that so hard?

We have something in common: I got a 4.0 my senior year too! I took classes like "Independent Living" where we learned how to balance a checkbook and "Childhood Development" where all we did was play with Kindergarteners for the hour. Total waste of time, but hey, I was a senior and wanted to goof off.

It was fun reading your post! :)

Tasha Horsley said...

K your senior year was way funner than mine...i unfortunately had to work my booty off taking yucky classes in order to graduate since i was a very terrible student previously. i did take art and aerobics though and i did get my very first 3.0 ever at the end of the year!