Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Greatest Day of the Year!

Oh glorious morning! Two out of my 4 children are at school today, Tate will join them tomarrow. Stay tuned for the 2nd greatest day of the year.

My little rock stars all ready to go!

Tate and his buddy Cody walking Lu out to the bus stop.

7 hours of peace!


Brenda said...

Isn't it great? My house is so quiet...I'm alone! I actually went for a walk and didn't have to rush home for the Kindergarten pick-up. Love this! :)

Natalie and Eric said...

Here's to tomorrow. Hope the bus thing works out for you!

Amy said...


Cannegieter said...

Your kids have great fashion sense :)

Anonymous said...

Your kids a re so dang cute! The just look like little "Seattlelites"! Taylor gets prettier every year...she is going to have boys stumbling all over! :) And I can't believe COATS and JEANS for the 1st day! I miss the cool falls out west...but I can do without the winters!