Thursday, September 11, 2008

WARNING...I'm bragging here

I just have to give a little shout out to my amazing children. This picture is from the beginning of the summer and it's pretty much how they spent the entire summer. Taylor and Tanner LOVE to read. They're pretty good at it too. I've always wondered why they love it so much. I love to read so I've always just chalked it up to that. But I have friends who love to read and their kids hate it. Today I was pondering this and I think I figured it out. We don't have cable TV, we haven't since Taylor was 2 years old. So what do we do for entertainment around here? We read! Umm, duh, not sure why I haven't figured this out before. The decision to get rid of TV is one that was very much prompted by the spirit. I had that little voice nagging me to do it for months and months and I didn't want to listen. I LOVE TV, I still miss it. But finally we cut it off and haven't gone back to it in 8 years. We have seen the blessings of that decision over the years, but it was nice to see yet another one that has come our way.
Ok, back to the reading! So I've tried to convince them to read Harry Potter for a couple years and they just aren't interested. They were watching one of the movies earlier in the summer and Taylor kept asking me questions that go deeper than the movies can get into. I just kept telling her that she needs to read the books, I can't give her a play by play. So finally she picked up book one and finished it in 3days. Tanner suddenly caught the bug right along with her and was reading them just as fast as she was. Long story short Taylor read all 7 books in the month of August. No joke, all 7 in one month. Tanner finished 5 of them in August. He's on book 6 but his reading time has been drastically reduced due to school. Sorry for all the bragging, I just couldn't help myself.


Natalie and Eric said...

That is great. So proud of them. Reading is a great thing. It can take you place unimaginable.