Monday, March 16, 2009

...the house.

So I've been neglecting to tell my blog world about...the house. What house? Well we put an offer on a house way back in January. Can it really have been that long ago? That's why I haven't said anything yet, it's a long process. The home was listed as a short sale, along with just about every other house on the market right now. We still don't know if we're going to get it but since I think about it night and day I figured it was time to blog about it. I'm sorry I haven't shared my not so secret secret with you yet but I had my reasons.
You know when you were young and you were in a new relationship and you really liked the guy? Yet you didn't want to admit how much you liked the guy because it would hurt much more if you broke up? That's how I feel about this house. We didn't want to get our hopes up because we don't want to be crushed if we don't get it. It's to late to protect ourselves though...we're in love. I have already mentally decorated it and Alan has already mentally remodeled it. Yes, it will need extensive remodeling! Just how we like them.
Lot's of friends and family are in on our secret now. They seem as excited as we are. I get asked every day by someone if I've heard any news on the house yet. In two months there hasn't been much news to tell. We have jumped our first few hurdles though. The first being that our offer beat out the other offer that was on the table and the sellers took the home off the market. Meaning? No one else has a chance to buy it out from under us. Second hurdle, the home was going into foreclosure. It has an auction date set for the middle of March. We were biting our nails and saying our prayers that the bank would put the auction on hold to consider our offer. They put the auction on hold with only a few days to spare...phewwww. The next auction date was set for April 3rd. So now we wait for the bank to do an appraisal and decided if it's in their best interest to sell the home to us (and loose $125,000) or to continue with the foreclosure and try to recoup their money. So we sit and we wait...
Why would we put ourselves through all this? Because, we're in love. The house may be ugly right now but we can see the beauty behind the ugly. Our own personal Johnny Lingo I guess, it's our 10 cow house. It's 5 bedrooms and a bonus room, 2,700+ sq ft and it sits on a level 1.5 acres. That is more than we have hoped for since moving back from Georgia. We didn't think we would ever be able to have a home big enough to fit our family, let alone on land. So we are willing to wait as long as it takes, but if we don't get it...I promise my heart will be broken. Without further ado here is the "dirty house" as Tate calls it.

We plan to add an addition to the left side of the house which will be a large family room.
I will kick my kids out this door and into this yard never to be seen again...or until dinner time anyway.
The kitchen which will be completely redone and actually moved to the room behind it.
Bonus room. You can tell by looking at Tanner that there is no heat in the house.
Top of the stairs.
This will be Taylor's room, Tanners is identical.
So it's obviously dated and in need of some tender loving care. I can't think of anyone better to do the job than Alan and I. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I'll keep you "posted" on any new developments. If we don't get it you can cry a river with me.


Sarah J. said...

Oh, good luck Karina! I can't think of any two people more deserving (and yes, capable!). Can't wait to hear!

lookinsharp said...

I hope you guys get it! I can totally see the potential. I'm a little jealous that you get to tear into that house and make it yours...I love doing that.

The yard in amazing. I really miss our big yard. The kids can play all day and be LOUD and it doesn't really matter.

KatSpy said...

That 'top of the stairs' is so dreamy. I can see you reading your Twilight in the window seat. ;o) You guys will do some amazing things. Looking forward to getting the new address for Christmas cards.

Georgia, Jason, and Abbi said...

I can already picture what you have in mind and your right I know you will do a great job. Make it yours! I do hope you get it that would be so sweet!

Stephanie said...

what an insane deal! where is it?

Karina Rigtrup said...

Thanks for the support guys! The house is in Graham and our offer was 224,000 and the people who own it bought it for just under 350,000 so yes, it's a really good deal.

Natalie and Eric said...

I'm so glad to finally see pictures of it. I love it. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you guys.

Amy said...

good luck!!!!

Tori said...

Crossing my fingers for you too!

Jaquelyn Martinsons said...

Karina- you have pics! I love the window seat I've always wanted a window seat. Can I come sit in your window seat if you get it? I hope you do it would be fun to have you guys so close. Too bad it's not in our ward!

Tasha Horsley said...

wow! i really hope you guys get the house....i know you would get it looking so pretty. and all the land! fingers crossed. :)

Cline said...

It looks like it would have been in our ward before it got divided. If that’s so I’ll see your kids at school. That would be nice. It’s been to long since I’ve seen them. Ed claims he see ya all over town but I’ve never ran into you…crazy!
Good Luck

Brenda said...

From the outside it looks like a house that belonged to a family in the Sunrise Ward (before the split) you know who owned it? Is it off a gravel road?