Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My nephews photo shoot

No name now has a name...Grant Alexander Thomas Collins. I took his first real portraits on Mothers Day. He sure is a beautiful little guy. He did what I expect most newborns to do...peed all over his momma, then finally went to sleep so we could get some great pictures. There's a few more over at my photography blog, if you want to see those click here. I would love to see more comments on my photog blog so leave me a note and let me know you peek in.



Anonymous said...

Grant looks like a handsome little man.

Natalie and Eric said...

What a cute little smile! Great pics Karina!!!

Cline said...

You know you’re the best! Everyone knows you’re the best photographer and one of these days… I’m going to get brave and call you to have are family pictures done. What has it been.. coming upon 8 years and we still have not taken a family picture without her. We have done generic snap shots but no professional things.