Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day at Owens Beach

We spent the day at Owens Beach yesterday and we had such a great time. It was a bit cold but that ok. The kids ventured into the water for about 5 minutes of the 5 hours we were there. They ended up just exploring the beach and making forts the whole time. Owens beach is great for that. It's covered in logs and drift wood.
We had BBQ steaks and corn which is our family favorie. It was just a nice relaxing way to spend the day after weeks of craziness. I need more days like this one.
P.S. Don't judge my pics, I took the old school 3 megapixel point and shoot. I'm going to do that more often until I get a good point and shoot because I'm sick of lugging around 15 pounds of equipment!

I had to play catch up today with work. I've been in "the zone" all day at my computer. Here's what can happen to poor neglegted children when their moms aren't paying close enough attention.


Georgia, Jason, and Abbi said...

Poor Lula! And yet you took the time to take pictures of her misery. You know when she gets older she'll use that as evidence against you. Good thing it so darn cute.

Natalie and Eric said...

LOL!!! I needed that laugh! Poor Lula but oh so funny!
We will have to pack the kids up this summer and go to that beach, I have never been there!

Brenda said...

So fun! But I bet that water was pretty darn cold! :)