Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Alan has loved Sushi forever. He had a friend in middle school who's parents would take them out to Japanese for dinner all the time. That's when he fell in love with all things Japanese, including Sushi. I personally don't touch the stuff with a ten foot pole. Since I'm a good wife I try not to rain on his Sushi parade though. We go out to eat at his favorite Japanese restaurant every couple of months and we were there just before his birthday. He mentioned that he would like to learn how to make Sushi. So for his birthday I put together a Sushi making kit for him and bought him a book and DVD. He's been all jazzed to give it a try and today was the day. He did a great job right and now he's on his way to being a real pro. I can't vouch for how it tasted because as you'll remember I won't touch it but it looked awesome! Of course I had to take some pics to document this historic day. Next he's planning to throw a Sushi party. First we need a house to throw it in so it'll be a few months.

Taylor gave it a whirl herself. She opted for no seaweed or seafood...can you blame her? She put cream cheese and avocado in the middle.


KatSpy said...

I'll be right over. ;o) I love California Rolls! I will go to Publix, buy and pack of 9/12 and down them ALL. Thankfully, Shea has a love for them and now helps me so I'm not so bad. My love for them came when I was pregnant with Ivy. I craved Avocados and they just looked too perfect one day. I'm hooked.

The Blocksom Family said...

Tell Alan I would love to join him for sushi - Yummm!!! There is a place that opened up a hop, skip and jump from your GA house in the new Kroger shopping center. The dragon roll is killer and they do a great California roll too. Great, now I want some sushi!