Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Yes, I already have the tree up! Alan gave up years ago trying to convince me not to get a tree so early. I don't really care if it's dead by Christmas, I want to enjoy it as long as possible.
Although one year we were having a Christmas party and the tree was so dead, it was embarrassing. So I went out and bought a new tree, drug it inside, tore down the old one and redecorated the new one all by myself. I knew Alan would never let me do it, so snuck and did it all while he was at work! Mwahaahaa!
Anyway this years tree was up and decorated on Saturday. Another tree rule of mine is that it has to be decorated the same day we buy it. WHY? Because my Scrooge of a Dad would force us to "let the branches rest" before we could decorate it. This would take a day or two in his opinion. It nearly killed me to wait. Really it was just my Dad who needed to rest! He made us all suffer the anticipation of tree decorating, I've never forgotten the torture. I promise never to put my kids through it.
I'm really rambling today, sorry! This was my second year trying not to be a tree Nazi. Which means I let my kids put all the ornaments up without interference from me. Thankfully Taylor is a chip off the old block and she takes care of the Nazi part for me. She moves all the ornaments the boys put on so that the "flow" of ornaments is more uniform. Ahhh, I love that girl!


Jennifer said...

My kids wish they were yours. They LOVE decorating. As I have told you, I am a home decor retard. I don't even know when we'll get a tree. Definitely before Christmas, but I can't guarantee anything beyond that.

You tree looks perfect!

Tasha Horsley said...

the tree looks fabulous! :) ours is up, i just need to clean up the mess and then take photos.

Brenda said...

So pretty! I wish ours was up, but we're still doing too much work. I've told the kids we're skipping Christmas this year. That of course did not go over well.