Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

What a great day it was!

Our friends the Blacks have been missing one part of their family for a little while. Their Dad Pete has been depolyed in Turkey. He was supposed to be home for Christmas but because of the snow storms back East his flight got delayed. It wasn't looking like he'd make it in time. Some how though at the last minute a miracle was pulled off. He got a flight home on Christmas eve. So we concocted a plan! The kids came over to my house for the day while Jonae went to get Pete from the airport and put together the suprise. They found a Santa suit and a giant box and wrapped Pete up. When I brought the kids home Jonae told them that a big shipment had come and that they could open it up. It was the cutest thing ever!! Pete came popping out of that box yelling Merry Christmas. It just really reminded me of the what Christmas is all about and how lucky I am to have my family all around me tonight. Merry Christmas Black family, I'm so glad you have Dad home with you safe and sound.
When I got home we had cookies and cocoa while watching a movie. We read some Christmas stories and put out cookies for Santa. This year we were all prepared with nothing to have to put together. We had the presents under the tree in 10 minutes! Now it's off to bed so Santa doesn't skip this house.