Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Day

I'm just gonna say that I'm glad it's over! I love everything about Christmas except Christmas day. It stresses me out!!! Let's have a recap.

-3:58 am I was awakened by children and 1 giant child named Alan.
-The best part of the day was spent opening gifts with my husband and kids.
-7:00 am I went back to bed until 10:00 am.
-2 hours of driving in a car with no heat, 1 hour of that Lula spent screaming.
-3 hours with my family. I was so tired that I don't remember much.
-2 hours of driving in the car with no heat again, Lula slept.
-4 hours with Alan's family. I was more awake by then so I remember we had fun.
-1 hour driving home in the car with no heat. Lula SCREAMED the ENTIRE time.
-Spent the rest of the night cleaning up the bomb that went off Christmas morning.
-Happily went to sleep knowing the day was over and wouldn't be back for 12 months.

I swear every year that I'm not going to go to both families in one day. Then every year we do and I regret it. It makes for a very long day and a LOT of driving. The problem is that we REALLY do want to be with all of our family on Christmas. It just wouldn't be the same if we didn't see all their happy faces. The problem is, it doesn't leave me with a very happy face. I still haven't figured out a solution but I'm going to by next year because I'M NOT DOING IT AGAIN!

This is an ormanment of Alan on his Mom's tree. So cute!


Sarah J. said...

I agree... having family so close is a blessing and a curse around the holidays! We rotate every year doing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. One day we spend at one family's house, and the other day we spend at the others. We switch every year to keep it "fair." It has turned our holidays from argueing and fighting, to being happy and enjoying it. AND way less driving! :) Good luck.