Saturday, January 30, 2010

Visions of Fireplaces

I've had visions of fireplaces dancing in my head for a long time. I have a deep love for all things fireplace related. When we bought this house there was an awkward corner fireplace in an awkward back family room. That family room was immediately transformed into a kitchen and the fireplace was turned from the corner to the wall. We've been talking and planning out this fireplace from day one. The problems are proving bigger than we want to deal with though. The fireplace manufacturer is out of business and we can't buy replacement parts to fix the chimney. It would cost way more money than we want to put into it right now. Fireplaces really aren't energy saving at all unless you have a wood stove so it just seems silly to dump money we don't have into something just because it will look pretty. We've been debating for 6 months now weather or not to keep the fireplace or rip it out. The other factor is that we would like to add an addition onto the house sometime in the future and the location of the fireplace would be the only good place to put the doorway to the addition. So I think after great debate and a lot of changing our minds we've decided to rip the thing out. It's sad and I want to change my mind every day but I think next week it'll be time. I'm sad that my visions will be put on hold once again. The one redeeming thing in all of this is that if we do put in an addition we will put in a fireplace, so at least there is still hope!


Michelle said...

Oh sad... I love fireplaces. Just think though, you'll have even longer to plan and save for the perfect one. I can't wait for the addition.