Thursday, April 1, 2010

Clam Digging

My brave, adventurous husband decided to take all 4 of our kids clam digging in Ocean Shores last weekend. I wasn't able to go due to a photo shoot...darn (she says sarcastically)! I think he can now say they had a good time since it's a week behind him. The lack of sleep is what did him in. Tent camping isn't really Princess Lula's "thing", so she kept him up most of the night. The clam digging went great and they brought home a bucket full. Apparently the beach was packed with people but there were plenty of clams for everyone. Tate was the spotter and Taylor, Tanner and Alan were the diggers. Tanner wouldn't touch the clams so Taylor had to pick them all up and put them in the nets. Once they got home, Alan steamed them out of their shells and froze them. We'll make some clam chowder later and can it in my new pressure canner!

These last few pictures are courtesy of Tate. He got ahold of the camera and snapped off a ton of hilareous pictures.


Anonymous said...

I love love the last one. As a mom it kinda makes you feel good to see they don't just act that way for you.

KatSpy said...

OH MY HECK! That was sooooo Asa! He would take pictures with the camera and we wouldn't even know it until we went through the pictures and found a pic of a faucet, electrical outlet...him in the mirror (yowee...flash)...Good memories!

Karina Rigtrup said...

Oh yes Amanda, they're all beastly! Lula especially hates the car.
Kathleen, I can SOOO see Asa doing that! We had to delete about 40 pictures of the Care Bears movie yesterday thanks to our Tate!

J & E Hoffmann said...

That sound like so much FUN! What an awesome Daddy! I'm missing you guys so much I can hardly stand it! NO JOKE! Tell everyone I lub em!