Monday, April 19, 2010

Tanner's Big Day

Tanner turned 10 on April 14th. Totally amazing that he's so grown up! I love this little guy so much. The 10 best things about Tanner are:

1. He'll still snuggle up to me.
2. He has a big huge heart.
3. He loves animals.
4. He can read better than most grown ups.
5. He's adorable.
6. He has a sense of humor that you don't see coming.
7. He's so logical.
8. He doesn't allow people to be insulting.
9. He's brilliant.
10. He has a great testimony.

For his birthday Alan took him for breakfast to the Pancake House. After school they headed out with his friend Easton and Easton's Dad Dan to the Family Fun Center for some serious fun.


Georgia, Jason, and Abbi said...

Well I've left comments on the other two birthday kids so I shall on Tanners as well. I hope he knows how much fun I had playing guitar hero with him when he came to visit. one of my favorite memories with him. Happy Birthday to Tanner!

KatSpy said...

What a big kid! And so cute! Way to go! I hear you're coming to GA. Are you going to stop by the ward?