Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lula's 3rd Birthday Bash!

Lula's 3rd birthday party was a big hit. Lot's of work, lot's of prep but lot's of fun. After 3 years of fabulous parties for this girl I think I'm ready to take a break next year...let's see if I can resist! This year we opted for a friend party instead of a big family party for Lula because she has quite a few little buddies. It's amazing to see that my little baby is growing up, I sure do love her!!!

The Party Decorations

 Vintage milk bottle and carrier found at a local antique mall.
 My friend Carolyn helped me make these fantastic sugar cookies for the kids to take home.
 I bought Costco's frappuccino packs and used the bottles like little mini milk bottles.
 I bought a huge box (500) of these red and white stripped paper straws. I found them on
 The whole setup.
 Love my bunting and all the paper tags, cupcake toppers, sticker, ect. that Tasha Horsley made for me.
 Cupcakes made by my fabulous friend Natalie Emmett.
 Oreo cookie pops also made by Natalie.

 My table all set up for the kids to color when they got to the party.
 The coloring pages are the same artwork that is on all of the tags and cupcake toppers.

 The birthday girl sporting her red cape.

 Lula's favorite "baby Megan" and Natalie.
 Lula's friend whom she calls "the Man" because he's always sporting his Superman getup.
 Lula loves this little lady.

 Homemade playdough.
 The string game. We tied bags of candy to the end of a very long strand of yarn for each kiddo.

 Me reading the Little Red book to the kids. I made each of them a mini version to take home.
 A bracelet for Lu.
 Her favorite thing to get is clothes, so funny! She's a diva.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss fam... Stella is wearing that dress for our fam pic this summer. Cute I love it all!!!

barbara said...

It all looks fabulous! I am planning something similar for my daughter's 3rd Bday! Where did you get the baskets? ... and can you share a little more about the process of putting together the book? Thanks!

Karina Rigtrup said...

Barbara, thanks for the comment. I actually found the basket at the Goodwill for .99! I designed the entire book using Photoshop and ordered it through a company called Millers Lab. I'm a professional photographer so I took the pictures. I think you might be able to order similar soft bound books through Mpix which is a great printing company that doesn't require a business license.
Good luck on your party and have fun!!!