Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rigtrup Easter

An hour after Lula's birthday party we got all cleaned up and setup to host the Rigtrup Easter party. The Rigtrup grandparents do the BEST Easter egg hunt ever and we couldn't miss out on that just because we had a birthday party to throw. I kept it simple and just made up sandwiches ahead of time and I had everyone bring a salad. We had tons of extra cupcakes for dessert! Easy peasy!!!

What makes the Easter egg hunt so fantastic is that each child is given a # based on their birth order as grandchildren. So Taylor is #2, Tanner is #5, Tate is #8 and Lula is #12. They all have about 20 eggs or so but they can only pick up the ones with their # written on it. It's brilliant! So the egg hunt takes forever which is so much more fun than a 30 second free for all. The other fun part is that there is always an egg for each child filled with change, an egg that say's see Papa for a prize (a fun little toy) and an egg that say's see Grandma (for a chocolate bunny). My kids just love this tradition.

Notice Tate's boot...I mean MY boots! LOL, I love that kid.

 This cracks me up because it's pretty much how you will always see Alan and his brother Scott at family functions. Deep in discussion about cars or bikes.