Sunday, May 8, 2011

Taylor's 13th Birthday

What kind of party do you do for a 13 year old???? That was the big question last month. After much thought we came up with a Baking Party. Taylor LOVES to cook and bake. Her favorite blog is The Girl Who Ate Everything. She loves searching out new recipes and trying them out. So I asked my friend Natalie who makes all my fabulous cakes and cupcakes to come and teach a cake decorating class for the party. She made 8 little individual cakes for the girls and taught them how to properly frost a cake, how to pipe frosting with a bag and tip and taught them about using fondant. I made dollar store cake stands for each girl and they all got a little dish towel and spatula to use and take home. We stuck with the same color combo that we used for Lula's party to make decorating a little easier. It was a great success! Taylor loved it!

{Dollar Store Cake Stands}
candle stick + glass plate + apoxy glue = cake stand

 Even Lula frosted her own cake, she totally got into it! Which proves that this party can really be done for just about any age.

Poor Taylor had to blow out a tea light candle! That's what happens when you have 3 birthdays in one month!!!

She's been dying for a North Face jacket and thanks to Natalie and Nena she finally got one!