Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy 31st Birthday Alan!

Alan turned 31 yesterday. Saturday Alan and I went out to dinner and a movie and discovered the best Japanese restraunt ever. Japanese is Alan's favorite and he's never found a place that is authentic enough for him. Well we happened upon a hole in the wall little place in down town Puyallup called Ichiban. The sushi was amazing (not that I would know personally, I won't touch the stuff), he had calamari as an appetizer and it was the real deal. When the sushi chef picked up a four inch wide octopus leg with suction cups all over it Alan's mouth fell open. They sliced it like a steak and deep fried it, Alan was in heaven.
Sunday we layed around like lazy bums most of the day and enjoyed the incredible 80 degree weather. Alan couldn't make it past breakfast without opening his presents. He's so much like a kid, it really cracks me up. I am so proud to say that for probably the first time in 11 years I suprised him!!! He can guess his presents like a magician, but not this year. I wish I had a picture of his face when he opened his present, it was priceless. I got him an 80 gig ZUNE. He's been wanting one forever but I had him totally convinced that was a big waste of money. When he opened it, his eyes closed and he kinda gasped. I couldn't help but laugh out loud it was so funny. Sunday evening we had some friends over and had a BBQ. It was really relaxed and fun. Alan told me last night that it was the best birthday he's ever had.


Sarah J. said...

Happy Birthday, Alan! So sorry I had to ditch out early. I came home and, well... worshipped the porcelain goddess. Hope I can celebrate with you next year!

Natalie and Eric said...

You blogged! Hope that you had a very happy birthday Alan. It was a great weekend for a bbq.