Monday, May 26, 2008

My sisters here!

My little sister Elaina got married last summer to an awsome guy, but he stole her away and carried her off to Utah. Ok, really she had been living there going to school for a few years already. He grew up there and wants to stay so that's where they call home. We all really miss them though and wish they would move out here...hint, hint, hint. We'll soften Jake up one of these days and convice them to give Washington a try! We haven't seen Elaina since the wedding and she was really itching for a visit. Her sweet hubby surprised her with a plane ticket home (notice home is Washington) and we got to enjoy the fruits of his generosity. We spent Saturday and Sunday with her and had a great time. My kids all really love her and needed the reminder that she actually exists. When I told Tanner she was coming to visit he said, "Oh good, I almost forgot about her". Now they'll remember her for another six months or so. Here's a picture of her with Baby Lula.

When Jake and Elaina were in Washington for their open house last summer Jake taught Tate how to say "WORD" and hold up three fingers like a "W". So basically he taught my 2 year old how to be a homey. So this pictures for Jake...Tate hasn't forgotten the wise knowledge you gave him!