Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kitchen Remodel...Part 1

Due to a LONG series of unfortunate events we are currently renting a tiny and old rental house. We still own our home in Georgia even though we moved back 2 years ago. The massive amount of money that we have dumped into that house to keep from foreclosing has made it so we can't afford to buy a home here in Washington. Not to mention the fact that homes out here are outrageously priced. So our dear friends Darek and Jaque offered to let us rent their rental home when the current renters gave notice at the first of the year. While it was way to tiny for our family, we were grateful to have an affordable option since at the time we were still paying the mortgage on our Georgia home. We have since leased our home in Georgia out so the mortgage is finally being covered but the amount of debt that we incurred because of that stupid house has left us strapped. So we decided instead of renting something bigger we would stay in this house a little longer. Since Darek and Jaque rent it to us for such a good deal and because we love them we decided to do a bit of remodeling while we're here. Anyone who knows us knows that we can't keep our hands off our houses, we have an insane need to improve. We did some improvements to the main bathroom when we first moved in and painted most of the walls a nice neutral tan. Now months later we are tackling the biggest job of them all...the kitchen. We have been putting it off because it is such a HUGE job. Alan took some vacation this week and we're getting it done. Here are the before pictures for you. The rundown so far of what we have done is this: scrub clean, remove doors and hinges, sand, add trim (this took 2 straight days), prime, 1st coat of paint, put doors and drawers back in. So a lot has been done, today I am doing the final coat of paint and then the big finish...antique glaze! Everyone say oooh, ahhh! Oh yes, it's gonna look amazing. We did a buttery creamy color as the base and we are adding a dark antique glaze over the top. We are also installing Venetian bronze knobs and pulls. Next month my father in law is going to help Alan install new counters. So stay tuned for the after pictures coming in a day or two, we'll see how soon I get it done!


Amy said...

wow!!! how awesome to be able to that yourself. I can't wait to see the finished project!

Amanda said...

I can't wait to see.
We are having remodel withdraws right now. I never though I NEEDED to improve my home until we started renting. I wish I could paint or something. John actually reseeded the grass this week, so much for not doing anything.

Brenda said...

I know how you feel...we love to do home improvement projects, too, and being in this rental is actually making me crazy! Everytime I look at certain things I think, "if I owned this house I would change that..." Can't wait to see the new changes in your kitchen! :)