Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well I was tagged a few days ago by my friend Laura out in Georgia and have been putting off fulfilling my duty. Then today I was tagged by Natalie. So I guess this means I can no longer avoid what must be done! I'm not following the rules though (picture me sticking out my tongue and sticking my nose in the air) I won't tag anyone else and inflict them with the guilt if they don't do it.

1. I was severely accident prone when I was a child. I have a huge X-Ray file buried somewhere at the Virgina Mason Clinic in Federal Way, WA. I was probably there once a month growing up.

2. The last one made me remember this one. 10 years ago Alan rear ended someone while we were on vacation in Salt Lake City. My foot was on the dash board and the airbag deployed on it. It snapped my ankle and shattered it into multiple pieces. I had to have it surgically wired back together then pinned back into my foot. Aside from an ugly scar there's been no lasting affects. Moral of the story...don't put your foot on the dash board people.

3. I didn't wear makeup or high heels until I was 25.

4. It's next to impossible for me to resist a Cinnabon.

5. I CANNOT stand it when Alan touches me with his feet while laying in bed (shiver). He tries to poke me with a toe now and then but I nearly come unglued. It's gives me the same sensation as nails on a chalkboard...I have no idea why!

6. I can almost always be found in a hoodie, jacket or cardigan. I am the queen of the hoodie! It helps hide my rollie pollie little middle. This presents a problem in the summer, so I bought a bunch of short sleeve ones this year. Ah, I love me some hoodie!

7. I was a serious tomboy as a kid. We're talken snake catchen, worm diggen, fort builden, runnen barefoot in the woods, riden 4 wheelers, shooten bb guns, tadpole catchen, skinned knee, dirty nails kinda tomboy. It was a good life, it's so hard to be a girl these days.


Brenda said...

#3...are you serious?! I was wearing make-up and high heels at 12! Such a rebel. Of course Gillian won't be doing those until she's at least 15! :)

Tasha Horsley said...

you make me laugh! i love hoodies too! the make-up i did when i turned 12, but heels? not till the last several years. sorry about the dash board experience...i'll remember that!