Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

It is yearly tradition for us to go to a pumkin patch. All I ask is that I get a picture of all my kids while there. I can never seem to get a good shot of all my kids at the same time. One of these days I'm gonna nail it and man that shot will have to be enlarged and hung as a trophy!

This is my all time favorite pumpkin patch picture! Maybe I should just call it good and frame this one.

I decided today was going to be pumkin patch day because it was so beautiful out. Out here in the Northwest you have to take advantage of any bit of sun you get. Tate had a soccer game this afternoon (I'll post that later) then we headed down to the Orting valley to Spooner farms for some pumpkin fun. Since Alan always works on Saturday I trecked down there by myself. It was an absolute madhouse. We got to play in the activity barn, see giant hay spiders, see a crazy pony chase a baby goat, eat roasted corn and caramel apples. When we were heading back the half mile to the car I muttered under my breath "why do I attempt these things?". Just then Taylor yells from behind me; "thanks for taking us there mom, it was sooo fun!" then the boys chimed in with a thank you. I guess that's why I attempt these things!


Sarah J. said...

Good for you, Karina! We were down there today too- except a bit down farther at Schulz farm. Glad the kiddos had a good time.

Natalie and Eric said...

Glad that it turned out good. I can't believe that it is almost Halloween!

Amy said...

i should take my kids down sometime soon. :)

I guess we have to trust they appreciate all the things we do for them, even when it seems like they could care less.

Tasha Horsley said...

i am jealous you snagged a beautiful day to go do that! we still haven't and I am hoping for another nice day when we can go. your pictures are very cute, even that cool pumpkin shot! :)