Sunday, February 8, 2009

MY 100th POST!!!!

I can't believe I've made it to the 100 mark. One of my fellow bloggers did a 100 random facts post as her 100th and I'm going to follow her lead. Sorry, it'll be long and tedious but I've got to do it.

1. My birthday is on Valentines day.
2. I love being over 30.
3. I don't look even close to 30.
4. I didn't want more than 2 kids, I have 4.
5. I LOVE having 4 kids.
6. My kids all have T names...Taylor, Tanner, Tate and Tallula
7. I married a big huge kid, he'll never grow up.
8. One of my favorite things to do is read.
9. I secretly read romance novels, but I will never admit that again.
10. I'm in love with my computer.
11. I've always wanted to be an interior designer or a photographer.
12. I was a major tomboy growing up.
13. My favorite color is red.
14. My color code color is an even split between yellow and red.
15. That means I love to party but I'm a control freak.
16. I love to party!!!
17. I always go overboard with birthday and Christmas presents.
18. I'm addicted to baked goods.
19. My favorite baked good is cinnamon rolls.
20. I have an overwhelming need to do home improvements.
21. I get depressed when I'm done improving and decorating a home.
22. We've moved 10 times in 11 years.
23. I swear we're only going to buy 1 more house and stay forever. I swear!
24. I hate doing laundry.
25. I love to buy clothes.
26. Shopping makes me happy.
27. I hate to be cold.
28. I gave up snowboarding forever.
29. I was the scrum half on a Rugby team.
30. I look skinnier in my head than I do in the mirror.
31. I want to go to France soooo bad.
32. We bought tickets to go to Paris for our 10 year anniversary.
33. We've never been to Paris.
34. I used to have 5 piercings in my ears.
35. I kill everything I try to grow.
36. I've been to Mexico 4 times.
37. I need to loose 20 pounds.
38. My biggest pet peeve is having to repeat myself.
39. Don't make me repeat that.
40. I went to New Orleans the year before it flooded. It was dirty.
41. I still miss Georgia even though I know we'll never move back.
42. We still own a house in Georgia.
43. My dream car is 1958 Corvette.
44. I hate all other Chevy's.
45. The first car I drove was a Chevy S10 pickup, stick shift baby!
46. I didn't like babysitting when I was a kid.
47. My second toe is longer than my big toe.
48. I didn't wear make-up until after I was married.
49. I didn't wear heals until a few years ago.
50. I only wore a dress to school once and I will never forget how horrified I was.
51. I love to play sports but I hate to watch them.
52. I hate running.
53. Fish make the best pets.
54. I'm a night owl.
55. I wish I could sleep till noon every day.
56. Seafood of any kind make me gag.
57. I drive way to fast.
58. I wish I could pull my kids out of school and travel all year.
59. My husband works 13-14 hours a day which nearly makes me a single mom.
60. I hate it when feet touch me.
61. I'm equally grossed out by finger nails.
62. There is no one in this world I love more than my husband. He rocks!
63. I frequently bite the fat rolls on my baby. She's edible.
64. I can't hold a tune or play a note.
65. I cry really easily.
66. I'm addicted to Diet Pepsi but have recently gone to caffeine free.
67. I love to swim but hate to wear a swim suit.
68. I don't floss enough.
69. I like to cook.
70. I have to force myself not to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.
71. I haven't scrapbooked in 2 years.
72. Photography is my passion.
73. I love to research...anything.
74. I've decided to be happy I'm done having kids.
75. I will make a better mother of teenagers than toddlers.
76. I want a Diet Pepsi right now!
77. I follow a budget but not always very well.
78. I have applied for every loan we have ever had.
79. Alan and I were married within 6 months of meeting.
80. We've been married almost 12 years now.
81. I love to be bare foot. I can't remember the last time I wore socks.
82. I don't wear a watch.
83. I rarely remember my dreams.
84. I love to be busy until I'm to busy.
85. Meeting new people makes me nervous.
86. I drive the same routes all the time, Alan calls me a creature of habit.
87. I have no patience.
88. I have a terrible temper.
89. This is taking way to long!
90. I've tried to give up sugar and I can't do it.
91. My purses are all big.
92. I never have baby wipes when I need them.
93. I'm afraid of dark water (ocean, lakes) I need to be able to see the bottom.
94. I'm terrified of Alligators, I can't even watch them on t.v.
95. We haven't had cable t.v. in our home in 9 years and I still miss it.
96. I love to eat out.
97. The best thing in my life is the gospel of Jesus Christ.
98. I'm not ticklish.
99. I'm claustrophobic.
100. I love blogging!


Sarah J. said...

That was fun- all 100 of them!

Jennifer said...

Hilarious and absolutely wonderful! It's crazy cause we are either exactly the same or exactly opposite on almost all of those. Seriously, it was kinda freaking me out. By the way, I'm totally serious about you coming over and making my house not lame. The interior design and photography one was one of the exact opposites (obviously). I'm sick of the lameness! HELP ME!

Amy said...

okay, i need to know the story behind the buying ticket to Paris and then not going. :)

Jaquelyn Martinsons said...

Karina- You crack me up! Happy
100th post.

Cannegieter said...

Happy 100th Post!!!

Georgia, Jason, and Abbi said...

I feel like I should say Happy Birthday! Or something like it. Truly a cool blog I sat here thinking. "Knew that, didn't know that" and thanks for sharing!

Natalie and Eric said...

You are so funny! I learned some new things today! We need to get together soon!

The Graham Family said...
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The Graham Family said...

I knew almost every one of these things about you. I miss you!!! Move back to GA!!! Also, #71 makes me sad...

Tasha Horsley said...

loved it! thanks for sharing! you are such a fun person! :)

J & E Hoffmann said...

holy crap! I never knew you and I where so alike! Maybe that's why you like me the best!!! ;)