Friday, April 17, 2009

Taylor turned 11 today!

My baby, the first one I had anyway turned 11 today. I can't really believe how quickly they grow up. Tomorrow we are having Lula's first birthday party and it seems to me that I was just having that party for Taylor. But no, we've had 10 other birthdays since that first one. She's such an old soul as well, she seems even older than 11 to me.
I'm so grateful for her, I call her my right hand man. She doesn't like that though, she says she'd rather be my right hand girl. Without my right hand girl I couldn't make it through the day. Well I'm sure I could, it would just be more stressful. For example, she does the dishes for me every single day. If I need something she's always available, willing to help. I don't have to hear complaining or whining from her, just a cheerful "sure" or "what do you need". What a blessing that is!
She told me today that her best present was finding out that we probably get the house. I guess Taylor and Tanner had talked about how great it would be if we got the house on one of their birthdays. Forget an IPod or clothes from Justice, all this kid wants is a home for her family.
Taylor is the best kind of kid. The kind every mother wishes for, the kind every mother hopes for. Lucky me huh!


Jennifer said...

Taylor sounds like a dream child! I guess she's just what you needed to stay sane. That is pretty awesome that you found out that you're "probably" gonna get the house on her birthday. Even though I think it sucks you have to move out of our ward. Graham isn't too far though. I hope you have a fab time at Lula's party. I seem to recall an invitation that was supposed to make its way to me, but I guess it lost its way. (sigh) I guess you'll have to party without me this time. Live it up lady cause next year Taylor will be 12 in YW and all old and stuff. Good times ahead!

Georgia, Jason, and Abbi said...

we absolutely have to say to Taylor that we LOVE her and want her to know that we can't wait to see her get her Birthday wish. We are also hoping that it all works out, the easier the better as far as the new house goes.

Brenda said...

Yay! Happy B-day to her! Just think, one more year and she'll be in YW!