Monday, April 13, 2009

A trip to Colville, WA

So Friday we loaded up the big ol Expedition with just about everything we own, 4 kids, 1 cousin and two grown ups with headaches before we even left. What should have been a six hour drive turned into 9 hours. We rolled into town after midnight with a car full of tired people.
We had a crazy fun Saturday that started with the baptism of my sweet little niece Abby, then moved on to a park at Lake Roosevelt where we spent most of the afternoon. We had a delicious lunch followed by an amazing Easter egg hunt. There were 11 kids and 450 do the candy math! I've confiscated all of the candy and have claimed a dictatorship in our house (this is not a new thing) I divvy the candy out at my discretion. I will admit that I have already eaten most of the Reese's eggs and to many M&M's to count. Whatever, don't judge me, I have a weakness for chocolate. After the eggstravagant egg hunt we had a bonfire and roasted marsh mellows for smores. By this time Lula was in meltdown mode and I spent some peace and quite in the car giving her a nap. I had such a good time just watching the kids (and Alan) run around playing on the toys and running through the leaves. Tate was born with more energy than any one human should be allowed to have and he just ran around for hours. I loved watching his tiny little legs running free with his arms swinging in circles, it was a good Mommy moment for me.
Later I took some family pictures for my sister in law. The town of Colville had amazing spots to take photos. There were some places we couldn't get pictures of because the light wasn't good and I'm still wishing I had gotten to use them. I guess we'll just have to go back! We ate burgers and fries at a little drive in with the whole family. We took up one entire side of the restaurant! Then we just spent the evening laughing and playing games.
Sunday most everyone headed for home. We decided to stay for part of church and get on the road after having a little Easter Sunday spiritual lift. Then we headed home, this time cutting our time down from 9 hours to 8.5 hours. I really hate driving with kids, but it was worth it!


Georgia, Jason, and Abbi said...

you are so talented!! Again thanks so much for coming the weekend just wouldn't have been the same without your brood!

Brenda said...

450 eggs?! Whoa! Hope they're all brushing their teeth extra good! :-)

Jaquelyn Martinsons said...

Fun,Fun! Max and Maddy had fun too. Darek is convinced that all dogs should fetch and so he tried to teach Max, but Max wasn't interested.

Natalie and Eric said...

Looks and sounds like your trip was a lot of fun (except for the drive, yuck!)